The Lotuscast

The Lotuscast brings you a mash-up of daily headlines, entertainment news, personal issues and the occasional interview.

The Almost Solocast

December 14th, 2017

Matt does 30 minutes by himself. Then Dave joins in for some fun. Hope you enjoy it!


August Ames Suicide Squad

December 8th, 2017

Adam finally sees Suicide Squad and like something from it. We watch the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer and point all all the logical flaws in the story made apparent from the trailer. Infinity War trailer also makes an appearance. Dave is upset that Joe didn't text back about hanging out but doesn't see the irony in his anger. August Ames commits suicide but Dave will keep watching her videos.


The Week After Thanksgiving Special

December 1st, 2017

We find out what everyone was up to for Thanksgiving, and why we broke with tradition and didn't do a live Thanksgiving show. Dave is a real boy now. Matt Lauer is a sex monster. Matt and Joe saw Justice League and didn't walk away with rave reviews. Adam has a fight with friends.


Jewed Out of Beer

November 17th, 2017

Dave refuses to sell beer to Adam after Adam shows up at Dave's store. Matt "learns" something about himself. Also something about Justice League.



Louis CK: Ragnarok

November 10th, 2017

We're back after a week and Joe takes yet another NYC trip. Adam went to a Halloween party that wasn't Joe's. Kevin Spacey and Louis CK are the latest Hollywood sexual predators. Matt says he can longer watch Kevin Spacey movies without thinking about Kevin Spacey. Dave details Matt's butt grabbing at Joe's party. Everyone saw Thor: Ragnarok and had some opinions on it. Matt laments that Joe never calls him. 


The Penis Peeping Conspiracy

October 26th, 2017

Joe went to NYC this week to see Queens of the Stone Age in concert, but didn't give a great description. Joe is also pet sitting again. Kids threw a rock onto some cars and killed a guy. Dave thinks the JFK files are pointless but doesn't think there is a conspiracy. Adam says Marvel's Inhumans isn't as bad as it seems. Matt celebrates his 10 year wedding anniversary but his wife's present hasn't arrived yet. 


Jewed Out of Pizza

October 19th, 2017

Dave came back from Europe, and swears he's not a double agent. We also find out he stayed with a mysterious internet friend, and pretended to have a baby on his social media. Matt has a problem with an unruly worker who was jewed out of pizza. Women are coming out against Harvey Weinstein and Ben Affleck. Dave buys a big screen TV.


Our 9/11 Photo Album

October 5th, 2017

Matt brings up his coworker's bizarre 9/11 Photo Album that is just 9/11 images printed from the internet. The NFL had a bunch of anthem protests that Adam finds disresepctful, but bothered neither Joe nor Matt. Star Trek Discovery finally premiered, and surprise, Joe didn't hate it. We talked Dan Bilzerian at the Las Vegas shooting and why is it people's first instinct to film themselves in danger rather than running out of there. 


Monkey Knife Fight Not Included

September 21st, 2017

Felipe from Monkey Knife Fight and Mmmmchelle join us tonight in studio. Felipe tells us about their CD Release this weekend in Lynn, MA at the Bent Water Brewing Company. There is a Mad Pooper, Dave is in London, Monkey Knife Fight has a beer made about them. Matt hates women comediennes, and we play a game Matt stole from Yahoo and try to guess the upcoming fall TV shows. Check out Monkey Knife Fight


DACA When the Walls Fell

September 14th, 2017

We're back, and Matt tries to get Joe to think about a new job. Dave hates everything about the iPhone X and is patiently waiting for a new iPhone SE. We can't figure out where Trump stands on the DACA issue - but he is in full support of the wall. Ted Cruz probably likes porn, Hellboy releases their first photo of the new Hellboy, Marvel's Inhumans is terrible. Joe watched the Orville, and finds it to be a meh version of Star Trek.